Vintage Division

World Class Grading is on the forefront of all new technology in the grading card industry.  We are constantly exploring innovative ways to grade your cards with the greatest accuracy.  We realize that not all cards are manufactured the same and that printing techniques from year to year have a great effect on the outcome of the grade itself.  Our Vintage Division graders are experienced professionals who understand that all cards were not produced in the same manner and grading must take into consideration special circumstances that may surround a specific card.  As printing techniques became highly specialized in the late 80ís and 90ís we realized that a grading card company must understand the differences between a 1954 Topps Hank Aaron Rookie Card and a 1991 Topps Tiffany Mark McGwire Card.  Our Vintage Division graders are highly educated and experienced in all printing aspects, such as papers, inks, photography, printing presses, and techniques used by certain card companies.  The Vintage Division graders will automatically grade any cards that are 1979 and descending.  Many grading companies are not fully equipped or staffed to grade these types of cards.  Now your worries are over, and you can be assured that the finest and most experienced graders in the world will carefully grade your vintage cards.  We also take the time to identify and label each and every vintage card PROPERLY!

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