One of the basic features of WCG is its simple straightforwardness of use.  There are no clubs or membership fees.  Submission forms can be easily downloaded or printed out online from this web site.

Please follow these five (5) simple steps to send your cards in:

  1. Obtain a printable submission form here (requires Adobe Acrobat Reader)
    - or -
    fill-out and print using our on-line submission form.
  2. Complete a submittal form listing all the cards you are submitting for grading.
  3. Package your cards (see packing instructions).
  4. Choose a form of payment, check, money order or credit card.
  5. Ship your cards to the address at the top of the submission form.

Packing Instructions:

  • Place your cards in top loaders or flexible plastic holders. Make sure the holder will protect your cards but allow us to remove the card safely. Do not use screw-down or snap type holders.
  • Wrap your cards in bubble wrap or sandwich between two pieces of cardboard or any other packaging materials to protect the cards. Place the cards in a small box.
  • Package your cards carefully to prevent shifting during transit. We are not liable for any damage caused by improper packaging on your part.
  • Enclose your completed submission form.
  • Complete payment must accompany your order.
  • Send the package by Registered U.S. Mail, FEDEX, or UPS to the address at the top of the submission form. (Insurance is strongly suggested but not required).

Packaging Don'ts:

  1. Do not send card in screw-downs or snap type holders.
  2. Do not send cards without a protector.
  3. Do not send in regular envelopes.
  4. Do not send cards in "pages."
  5. Please include all return shipping and insurance fees.

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