We will grade all types of cards such as: non-sport trading cards, comic cards, sports trading cards, raised-relief cards, thick cards, die-cut cards, rounded corner cards, perforated cards, sticker cards, etc. We can grade all standard size cards (2 ˝" x 3 ˝") of Baseball, Basketball, Football, Golf, Hockey, Tennis, Soccer, Boxing, Racing, Pokemon, Minor League Cards, Foreign Cards, and Specialty Cards.   WCG grades most cards that are catalogued in major sports card publications.  In addition our expert graders will grade: Photos, Antique Documents, World’s Fair Material, Disney Material, Postcards of all types, Cigarette Cards, etc.  We will not grade cards, which have been trimmed, re-colored, restored, or altered in any fashion.


Currently, we grade all size cards up to 3 ˝ by 5 ˝.  We can grade all Game Day or Jumbo size cards.  We have an exclusive 8x10 holder coming soon so we will be able to grade cards of any size.


WCG will grade autographed cards, issued directly from the manufacturers in packs, or with redemption certificates.  In addition, autographed cards not direct from manufacturers packs will be graded by special pre-arrangement only (please inquire via email for this service).

Coming Soon

We will EXCLUSIVELY be grading any cards up to 8x10 in size.  Also, 8x10 photos, 8x10 autographed photos, envelopes, first day covers (ex: Gateways), commemorative cachets, etc.

World Class Grading World Class Grading