Coin Division

World Class Grading (WCG) is one of the most respected names in third-party coin certification.  Our grading standard has enabled WCG graded coins to realize some top prices in the marketplace.  With decades of combined experience in the grading industry, each coin goes through a step-by-step grading process which ensures the utmost care and consideration of your prized numismatic investment.

WCG was founded in 1998, and for coin grading, its opening proclaimed the introduction of a new standard of reliability.  From the beginning WCG focused on only one objective, a standard of consistent and accurate grading.  As WGC has grown to become the leader in third-party grading services, we have maintained an unwavering and uncompromising commitment to this standard.  Our customer service is our Top-Priority.  It is highly recommended you use our top-level e-mail service to contact us -

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