About WCG

World Class Grading, Inc. (WCG) main purpose is to serve sports card enthusiasts with grading services, which offer fair and reasonable pricing, a simple submission process, and a quality product.  Each card is evaluated by consistent application of rigid standards.

WCG has a team of extremely qualified and knowledgeable professionals grading your cards with over 25 years experience in the trading card industry.  All of our grading staff have been trained to grade to WCG standards.

WCG understands the importance of protecting your valuable cards, which is why our holders are the best in the industry and offer protection from environmental damage.  Only WCG holders meet strict standards for enhanced UV protection and are sealed to be airtight and water tight.  Our tamper-evident card capsule offers the most visually appealing form of safe card storage known.  Our protective, motionless, optical-grade plastic holder will help keep your cards in great shape for years to come.

WCG focuses on the fastest turnaround time in the industry without sacrificing the most accurate grading possible and the highest quality product output.

We have the fastest turnaround time in the industry for bulk and single card submission.  Our submittal process is the quickest in the industry.  We use a simple form that each customer can send in with his or her cards.  To obtain, a WCG submittal form the customer can download or print it directly from this website.

Our grading is of the highest standards.  Our senior graders are highly skilled and understand that all cards were not produced in the same manner and grading must take into consideration special circumstances that may surround a specific card, which is the main reason why we take pride in a special vintage division.  As a grading company we are highly trained in knowing papers, inks, photography, and printing techniques, as well as knowing how to measure centering, check corners, and look for surface wear.  We also offer the most complete information in the industry on our labels.

The response to WCG and our services, which extend far beyond those of competitors, is incredible.  We are confident that our focus on bringing you the most reliable grading, the highest quality product, and the most efficient and effective services, will bring you and World Class Grading, Inc. continued success for years to come.

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